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    I have owned my magnificent QU-24 for less than a week so I am hardly an expert with the device. However I have been in and around sound reinforcement for a very long time. Before I bought my QU-24 I identified two things that I felt were missing. One was the inability to install user FX plugins. The other was the lack of an output crossover for driving at least top and bass amplifier/speaker systems.

    It is the latter that I wish to ask Allen & Heath to implement if possible, or say that they have no plans to release an update incorporating this. If they see fit to offer this functionality then please let the forums known that it is in the works and when we may expect it to be released.

    If Allen & Heath are not going to provide this functionality then I will simply have to go and buy a new external crossover which would be a pity since ditching my 2 x 4U outboard racks was one of my reasons for buying a new mixer. Even 1U of 19” rack occupies the same table area as my old racks did which is not what I want at all but I’d still like to know that I have to buy a new crossover.

    I have managed with the aid of several here, thanks Andreas, to cobble together Mix 9-10 to me a stereo sub-bass output by manipulating GEQ + PEQ and Main LR via PEQ but it is not really the way to do the job. What is needed I feel is something along the lines of an addition to the EQ library that would incorporate Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley and Bessel curves in various rolloff slopes from 6 to 48dB per octave. The could then applied to Main LR, a Mix or even Matrix outputs. Linking sub-bass and/or Main LR to configure either or both as stereo or mono outs would also be very useful for when working with either one or two subs or even with just one top speaker.
    This is not a criticism of the QU-24. Rather it is a request for either a declaration that the company is considering such an option or, that they are not.

    I hope they will accommodate this request.

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    Dick Rees


    Crossovers are commonly found in amp racks, within amp DSP and in powered speaker systems. As such it makes more sense to devote R&D time to features interior to the Qu, features for actual mix/processing/routing which can be only applied within the mixer.

    There are at least a dozen mix-specific features I would put ahead of something which can be addressed outside the mixer itself.

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    Dick, Yes, I know about crossovers in speakers. Indeed almost all sub-bass speakers are mechanically incapable of reproducing higher frequencies. My own JBL powered speakers (no rack at all and with my QU-24 the only outboard I now have is… the crossover) are quoted as being full range (no internal crossover) and here lies the problem. I wish to keep the energy laden bass frequencies away from the JBl mid/tops. I get a cleaner sound with obviously more overhead by using a crossover.

    In fact I tailor the slope of the crossover to match that of the bass cab which admittedly do have and electronic crossover point.

    I once saw a speaker cone filmed in high-speed (about 500 frames/second). It was really scary to watch the supposedly stiff cone ripple with bass waves and shimmer with the mid frequencies. This is why I am asking for a crossover to be built in.

    There have been many others asking for this too. Agreed there are many other features that could be added and it is a question of development resources. So, I stick it out there and see what happens.

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    Yep crossovers would be an excellent and useful feature!

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    I vote for HPF on all outputs but I think crossovers gets a bit weird with output allocation. Unless you’re mono it’s not going to be easy to do.

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