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    Hello everyone!

    I am having trouble connecting to my CQ-20B using my desktop Windows 11 PC and CQMixpad. Interestingly enough the connection works fine on both my laptop (running the same OS and connecting to the same network) and my Android phone.

    The mixer is connected to my local network using ethernet and assigned a static IP outside of my DHCP range. What’s strange is the fact that the mixer shows up in the “Choose Unit” list in CQMixpad, but any attempt to connect to it always yields the same “Failed to connect. Could not open a connection to the unit” message. I tried all four permutations of connecting both mixer and desktop to either LAN or WLAN, nothing works. I am not aware of any networks configurations that would hinder the connection. Furthermore I am confused by the fact that the unit is obviously visible on the network yet I can’t connect to it.

    I would appreciate any help regarding the resolution of this problem, thanks!

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    In my experience usually a firewall or anti virus issue blocking connection.
    Turned those off?

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    KeithJ A&H


    …assigned a static IP outside of my DHCP range…

    What is the address of the computer and what is the address of the CQ?
    Are they in the same subnet?
    If so, as Ryan suggests, there may be something blocking the TCP connection (which is different to the discovery that allows the unit to be seen in the unit finder screen).


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    Thank you for the quick and helpful answers! I have to apologise, after further investigation (and exhausting the troubleshooting steps you laid out) it seems that the VPN of my institute which is supposed to only tunnel connections to the HPC cluster interfered with the connection to the console. The fact that the console was visible in the dialogue option made me not consider this case.

    Thanks again, kind regards

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