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    I have a zoom L20
    I now have the CQ18T

    I’ve tried everything and can’t get the warmer sound I seem to have with the zoom on the cq.

    One thing I found… I set every eq setting flat and went to the main L/R eq. I only had the acoustic guitar plugged in. I looped a chord pattern to truly hear it.
    I used a Morley A/B pedal to switch the sound from thr L20 to the CQ18T and back/forth.

    On the main LR eq output I noticed the RTA had a big dip missing any frequencies registering. I thought maybe this was the “nasally” sound culprit. All eq was flat. I switch to graphic eq and the sound changed completely even though I didn’t change anything on the eq.
    I switched back and forth to the PEQ and Graphic EQ and now the nasal sound was gone.

    Why would the eq, set flat, drop a whole range of frequencies and only reset when I moved either in/out or back and forth from PEQ to GEQ?

    It seems ok now and stable but this is maybe the third time the unit has done something that doesn’t make sense (one other thing was the auto gain setting… I couldn’t turn it off until doing a similar drastic change in a channel and basically an on/off thing)

    Are others finding some of the on/off or eq settings causing strange issues or residual issues where something else has to be adjusted?
    Nothing seems to be wrong with the system overall and I have done the most recent firmware update.

    Confusing post, I know.


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    Experimenting with different equipment and setups can really uncover the nuances of your sound. It sounds like you’re really diving deep into understanding how each component affects your guitar tone. Keep exploring and refining your setup to achieve the perfect sound for your music!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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