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    Hi there!

    I just figured out, that the preamp is not been takn, if i copy/paste a Channel.

    I tried the SEL and MIX Button to copy the settings to an other channel, but the Preamp is not been taken!
    Is there a global option that has to be set, so that the preamp will be copied?

    Thx, Timo!

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    Hi Timo,

    We deliberately make it a little harder to copy across the Preamp settings so customers don’t accidentally turn phantom on channels that shouldn’t have it (or vice versa).

    If you’d like to copy a Preamp setting you can by going to the Preamp tab on the Processing page or if you’d like to copy everything, by saving the whole channel as a library from the Overview page.


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    Okay, i understand.

    But why not copy the preamp without phantompower-switch?
    I´m sure it was possible at the iLive, or am i wrong?

    Honestly, what device should not get phantompower?!
    Since 20 years in buisness, the only thing´s that been destroyed by phantompower are the internal soundcard my of Apple iphone and macbook. In that case i used a adapercable without a DI-Box. BTW all my thinkpads can stand the phantompower on the jack!
    AND i or maybe everyone don´t use a Ribbonmic, which can´t handle phantompower!

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    I much rather have it as A&H have it now, having preamp settings following a copy is to beg for trouble with the risk of blowing speakers, ears and gear if not really careful. A +30dB accidental boost while people are on IEM’s could ruin several careers…

    Other things that cannot take phantom power could be multichannel soundcards used for backtracks, loops and stuff. Not fun to accidentally fry one of those before a show and try find a new one.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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