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    I just bought a Qu 16 and so far I am quite happy with the feature set and the sound quality of the board. One thing, however, that I would like to do is control the board via MIDI from a program such as Q Lab. The ability to use the custom layer as MIDI strips is great, but what I would like to do is to be able to control features such as output level (faders), scene recall, effects mute, via standard MIDI messages (note on and/or control change) instead of NRPN. I notice that it is already possible to control mutes via Note On commands, so in principle it should be possible.

    I use the Qu 16 primarily in a theatrical setting and I use Q Lab ( as my master show control software. It controls all the sound effects and triggers the lighting board via MIDI. It would be great if I could also control the live sound elements the same way.



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    How strange! I am older and the last theater gig I did we used tape with leaders, so forgive this question: why MIDI? Wouldn’t a DAW work better for that? It’s a live sound board after all. Hands-on. Why have moving faders if you are controlling from a computer? (but then I don’t do lights either!)

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    I started way back in the day of audio tape as well, but we have come along way since then. The purpose of Q Lab (besides handling all of the prerecorded media in the show) is to sync all the technical elements in the show. For instance in a show you might have a “cue” when an actor snaps her finger. At that point you want the lights to change, a prerecorded movie file to play through the projector, a sound file to play through the PA, the actor’s mic to fade out and the musician’s guitar mic to unmute. The technician would activate the cue by pressing the space bar; Q Lab would then play the movie file and send it to the projector, play the sound file and send it to Qu 16 via the USB-B interface, send a MIDI show control message to the lighting board and send a MIDI Note on command to the Qu 16 to unmute the musician’s mic. The only thing that’s missing is the ability to fade out the actor’s mic. Sure, it would be simple enough to do that manually in this simple example, but when the cues get more complex, then it is nice to have everything automated.


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    Hello Craig
    How did you get on with this?
    I didn’t know anything about QLab until reading ..
    wow… so this should work well from MAC (at this moment that is)
    I have been using other software and the MAC is extremely responsive to midi from the MAC.
    Wonderful to stumble across something that enlightens life
    I have to get QLab and look into this.
    My Mac is 10.7 so would need the older version though


    dave NZ

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    Have you had any luck setting up your link between QLAb and your QU-16? I am running a QU-32 and tried to link QLab to the console; I managed to connect my laptop and the console via the USB port at the back of the console. QLab recognizes the console and accepts the soft keys as a midi trigger, however QLab won’t output audio through the USB Cable. I have been able to route other sources like iTunes through the USB, so i know it is patched properly at the board. Ive consulted Figure 53 Support and they are adamant that its not the software. I was wondering if you had any success/tips?

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