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    I’d like to connect our 5 ME-1s to an SQ5 via Slink.

    I realise we can connect directly using an ethernet cable, daisy changing the ME-1s and using individual power supplies for each unit.

    My (newbie) question: if we use a switch to provide power, do we connect the ME-1s individually to the switch or do we still daisy chain them together?

    Also if anyone has any switch recommendations to do this it would be much appreciated.

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    Would this switch work?

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    as mentioned already in the other thread

    it has to be a 100MBit switch and you can’t daisy chain with POE

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    Little late to replay,

    but yes, you can do it. I do it. Most switches can do it. BUT very very important. You need to make sure the switch is either 100 megabit (not gigabit). Fountunary a lot of switches allow you to configure each port. We have this This POE Switch and it works great! I was able to go into the configuration and turn the ports in 100 megabits (so the sq can recognize the MEs) and even create a vlan meaning only ports 1-5 can talk to each other and I can use ports 6-8 for anything else and they won’t interfere with each other because nothing else can be plugged into the same network or you will have clicking noises in the sound.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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