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    “No – the switch would allow you to move one box between two locations without extra rematching in a third location.”
    OK, but it takes a couple of seconds to repatch, with no extra cost and one less thing to go wrong.

    “Since this is a fixed install I’d still suggest to just link both roomns using a copper snake.”
    Me too!

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    Depends on where the rooms are. In my case the patching would be upstairs in a normally locked room.

    So it makes sense…
    In this case I’d go for an analogue multicore

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    [XAP]Bob, Can you point me in the right direction to find a good switch?

    Also, any analog multi core snakes out there with neutrik connectors?

    I want to try both solutions, but the switch set up is still confusing to me.

    Thanks for all the great feed back.

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    Neutrik. Rapco or Pro Co. Sold a lot. Work well.

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    If the switch setup is confusing then I’d lean even more strongly towards analogue!

    It doesn’t need to be a fancy switch – you need one with at least three ports (any more will be taped off to stop people plugging stuff in) and preferably a GigE interface, not because it’s needed, but because it implies that the backbone is likely to be fast enough.

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    Mike C

    As for the multi-pair copper snake option and connectors…..
    For an install you may need to look at buying bulk snake cable and finishing
    it out with the needed fan out, box, floor boxes, wall plate, ect. after you
    install the cable in the building.

    It will be far easier to run just the cable through the walls, floors and ceilings
    than a finished snake with a box and finished out fan tail.
    Actually in some locations it would be impossible to run a finished snake cable through
    a building as a permanent install.

    Through your major snake suppliers, Rapco, Whirlwind, CBI, Pro Co you can order bulk cable and if it would work for you can order them with just the box wired and finished with a blunt end on the other end of the cable to still allow for installation.

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    The ‘bought’ tails should go to the AR, the blunt end should be put into an analogue stage box and put into the back of sockets.

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