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    This is the feature I miss the most from my GLD days, when I could also route the Fx send to a “normal” fully processable stereo channel. When I owned the Gld I used to compress the return of the delay or echo Fx in order to keep its level always below the main source easily

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    Am I allowed to bump this? If not, I apologize and will delete

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    KeithJ A&H


    (bumping is fine 🙂 )

    This is a tricky question as the current routing architecture only allows for FX engine outputs to be sent to FX returns, output sockets (analogue or digital) and insert returns.
    Adding the option to input channel sourcing to also be able to receive this signal may or may not be possible and would require development and test time to find out.
    Unfortunately it’s not a case of ‘it can be sent from A to B, so it can be sent from A to C’ with one change to a line of code…

    So if there are others who really want this too, it might be something we look into.

    One quick and easy workaround however, would be to run one or more FX returns through a group and make use of the mix processing there.


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    +1 I also like this feature!

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    I completely agree, it’s a basic feature that would be very welcome.

    As other workarounds for the meantime, we can also use insert FX on an Aux channel, or send an FX bus on another FX bus.

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    thanks for the reply, I know it’s not easy but I hope this feature will be implemented some time in the future.

    @peterm2 and @creal thanks for backing me 🙂

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    I can definitely see where this would be helpful!

    +1 to the list.

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    Proper Audio

    I’ve been using side chain compression on delay returns since the analogue days. My workaround on the SQ is basically sending the FX return into a group (wasting a group…) in order to enable SC-compression.
    I’d rather have an FX buss that allows for SC-compression on the return, using the input signal of said buss as a SC input for the return’s compressor.
    Should that cause routing or coding issues: I’d be happy for a delay/echo FX unit with internal SC compressor / ducker with variable timing instead.

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