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    I have a group St1 with my full drum set, and another group Mono1 with only my kick drum and snare (super compressed to have only the attack) I mix with the group St1 to L&R that is my idea.
    While the show, I can change the level of my Kick drum or SN depending on the song more or less, but I don t want to change the balance of the compression in my Group mono 1.
    My idea is to send my Kick drum and SN in the Aux1 in pre ( i can not have that guy in the L&R bus ) and to send my main Aux1 to my Group mono1 (i can send it in the bus L&R ) so far it doesn t work , is it possible or not or there is another way to do that ?



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    What do you try to accomplish?

    For me it absolutly makes no sense to miss out the faders of the inputs, where you could manage your balance.

    Also you have compressors on the inputs, in your group, you can paralellcompress, you could insert effects (even multipressors) at the groups or the busses (the mix) – what special and important thing do you need to accomplish?

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    Why not simply create a third group that includes just the kick and snare. Match the compression settings of this new mono group (M2) to what your drum group (S1) currently has. Then you can increase the volume of just the kick and snare without affecting the “balance” of S1.

    By trying to route the inputs to an aux and then routing the aux back into a group, you are going to break the automatic delay compensation of the console. This isn’t the end of the world, but it means you are going to have to manually measure the total latency of that signal chain and then match your other signal chains (at least your other drum signal chains, but you should really change all of your signal chains) to match this “longer than normal” signal chain by adding delay to those other chains.

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    Hello Thanks, for your answers. I will do as I did before and you confirmed with another group what is the best solution.
    I wanted just to have my sn and kick level totally independent in my second group individually of my first group
    Thanks a lot

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