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    Hey all.

    I’ve been having issues with random clicks and pops when streaming audio from a Macbook Pro running Ableton Live. These problems are consistent even though we’ve changed computer twice, updated firmware, used Mainstage instead of Live on the macbook, tried with OSX 10.9, 10.10.. It sounds like sync problems, but as of now i am not able to find a solution. I am running out of ideas and patience.

    Clicks and pops only appear on Waves SoundGrid channels. If we change the soundgrid channels to have a different input (aka mainstage), the clicks still appear on the soundgrid channels.

    Last weekend we recorded the show, and as expected, the clicks and pops started again. Picture added.

    System setup:
    MacBook Pro (ultimo 2014) with Yosemite running Ableton Live for backtracks, Mainstage for keyboardpatches.
    iDR32 with M-Waves installed. Bridged network to iDR32, however not used due to low bandwith. Apple AirPort Extreme connected to network port for wireless editor connection.
    Ableton Live using SoundGrid driver (9 channels out, 0 in: 4 backtrack, 4 clicktrack, 1 sidechain signal).
    Mainstage using TC Electronic Konnekt48 (4 outputs 2 in, all keyboards, 1 guitar input, 1 sidechain signal)
    5 Pl-Anet PL10 controllers daisychained for personal monitoring on stage.
    T112 with TC Electronic Finalizer connected via S/PDIF for L/R output.

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    On my side but when I played tracks (recording before from a show) from Ableton or Reaper for example and send them through M-Waves card (Soundgrid driver) and Ilive, I was facing with same issue, Ableton or reaper faders were at 0 dB.
    Since all my DAW’s faders tracks are at around -10 dB (the best is -15 dB, conversion dBu and dBfs ???), no random clicks or pops anymore from Ilive outputs and sound is good.
    Hope it will help you.
    Ilive80/IDR64/M-Waves native

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    Hey Techolive.
    That seems very odd? You say that my outputfaders in Ableton should be lowered even though my signal is in no way near clipping? And the clicks and pops still appear at some points where there is no signal present. I just want to be absolutely shure that this is what you mean, as it seems weird and defying logic in my mind.

    I should probably state that the clicks and pops do not appear when no songs are playing, but can appear as soon as the backtracks are started.

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    I confirm that on my side the clicks and pops appear sometimes only when songs from DAW are playing, never if no songs.
    Did you try with all outputfaders with tracks recorded (Ableton) around -10 dB and see what happens ?

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    The system is stored at the moment as we are in between tours, but i will definately test this first chance i get. 🙂

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    Nicola A&H

    You didn’t say what is your clock setup.
    Is the iLive set to Internal in the AudioSync screen?
    Is this an M-Waves or M-Waves-V2 card? The latter has its own sync options in SG Studio.
    What version of SG Driver / SG Studio and / or Multirack are you running?
    Does the problem persist if the network bridge is removed?
    Are the clicks and pops only on recording, or playback too?

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    Hi guys.
    I have the same problem with my M-card…
    Digital pops on random channels or busses, tried different computers.

    To be honest have anyone got this right?
    Nicola, what do you say about the sync? on the M-Waves V1 you only got internal or external.
    I have tried external and got red crosses.

    When i record to reaper and playback it seams to be free from pops and clicks, but when i try to insert plugins i get clicks and pops…

    When i saw the new V2 card it looks like the V1 is not right, it´s a bit tricky te get help when it “falls between” manufacturers like this.

    Ian running: IDR 48, server One, Macbook, tried a bunch of cables (long and short)

    I really like my I-live and with the waves even moore!!

    My hopes on the I-live2, integrated waves support like Digico :-).


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    Is anyone has a solution to fix issues explained from the topic ? I really would like to know what happen when I record for example at 0 dB from iLive to Reaper (with my M-Waves card) and I playback this track from Reaper (at 0 dB) to Ilive, I have always Pops and Clicks on monitor BUT never if I playback my track from Reaper at around -14 dB.
    Is anyone is able to explain what happens ? is it relation between dBu and dBfs ? Problem with M-Waves card ? Feedback about M-Waves card 2 ?
    Sylvester, have you tested what I told you about lower faders around -10 dB from reaper if clicks are still here ?

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    In my experience digital Clicks and pops are almost always related to clock sync issues or sometimes by sound card buffer settings being to high. Try increasing the buffer size.

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