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    Hi Everyone
    I am new to the FOH world, but reallz love my GLD. For a musical I am using it with over 50 scenes. Unfortunately the set up wasn’t quite ideal. All instruments are routed to a “Combo” Group which has a pretty low fader level. Some instruments have the fader pulled up all the way (and need even more level).
    Is there a way to pull up the “combo” fader 15-20db and pull down all the inputs the same amount simultaneously for all inputs? Or do i have to do it by hand for every input for every scene guessing the fader level as good as one can read the level marks on the GLD?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated

    Best regards & keep on making great music


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    You can use a DCA to do this, just assign all your inputs to it. DCAs act as a remote control for the faders assigned to them, so the “effective fader level” = actual fader level +- the DCA fader level. The faders don’t actually move. How this differs from a group is that the DCA isn’t an audio path, it’s just an invisible remote control for the fader levels, which means that post-fade aux sends work just as if you were moving the channel faders.

    Adjusting the faders manually shouldn’t take long, and you can set the LCDs to show the fader positions to 0.1dB when you move them. Go to setup > control > surface prefs and turn on “Display Parameter Values On LCD”. If your instrument fader levels aren’t changing scene-to-scene you can just adjust them once and recall safe them.

    If you’re doing any dynamics processing on the combo group you’ll need to adjust the thresholds, as the signal will be 15-20dB lower at the input to the group.


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    Thanks a lot Chris, the dca faders which were already assigned are almost maxed out too, I didn’t realize one could see the fader level on the small display. Thank you very much. Though I was hoping I could rearrange the input and group levels not manually one by one for every scene, I will invest these hours since it should be quite reliable seeing the level by 0.1 db.

    Thanks &
    Keep on enjoying music

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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