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    Multi-channel playback via Qu-drive using hard drive.

    It does work, it’s just that I’ve done something when saving a show that now prevents it from working. I know because if I just select the multi-channel track without recalling the show I can hit FX, select an effect, hit the FX1 soft key, adjust the faders and it is there. However, if I recall the show, when I hit the FX1 and select an effect and then hit the FX1 soft key and adjust the faders nothing happens.

    Any thoughts on what I’ve done? Oh, I have checked the assign to be sure all channels are indeed assigned. My first thought was a lazy hand hit the assign buttons but that is not the case. I keep looking at every button and menu layer and looking at the manual but nothing I have tried seems to work – except not loading the show. I know it is in that show somewhere.

    Any help would be appreciated!


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    Assuming you’re running effects in the “normal” send & return mode, not as inserts:

    Check the Effects Sends are on & up.
    Check effects Returns are on , up, and that their routing to L&R or group if that’s how you want it, is assigned. If you are routing FX through a group check that’s on, up & assigned too.
    Check that there isn’t a Mute Group assigned to anywhere that is turning channels off.
    Check you’ve not got a DCA assigned to effects send, or return, or group, or if you have, that it’s also on & up.

    Have a look at the meters screen – does a signal show on the effects send? Does it also show on the effects return?

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    Thank you Mark! After sitting down and going through the steps on page 57 a half dozen times I found my error (s). Somehow I saved the show with the send faders off and then, after recalling the show, I got tripped up on layers and faders. Again thanks.

    Also, I will try in the future to not get frustrated so easily and do some additional troubleshooting on my own before bothering the forums. However, your and others feedback is what led me to the problem and I do appreciate the guidance.

    Plus, a huge thanks to Dan!!!


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    anytime 🙂

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