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    Was trying to learn CQ4U this evening and noticed that every time I switched from MixPAd to CQ4U or vice versa, the app I’m not using disconnects from the mixer, requiring a reconnection when switching back, which can take a bit of time.

    I’m using an iPad Pro running 17.2, connected to my studio network via WiFi. My CQ20B is hardwired to my studio network. All network connections are strong/stable.

    Anyone else experiencing this? I experienced a similar behavior on a QSC TouchMix that QSC attributed to something in iOS 17. They did correct it with a app update…

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    Im currently experimenting/familiarising with my new CQ-20B and testing trial connection of Mix station and CQ mix pad.

    So…if you are trying to connect to mix pad and CQ4You on same device then yes it will disconnect current when changing anything on the iPad screen display, e.g. switching to safari and back to CQ, you will have to reconnect.

    I have only briefly checked out CQ4you but it will run happily on a smart phone which its designed to do and up to 6 devices/users.

    Im setting up my system with a windows dell laptop/touch screen and an iPad pro where I can run various screen or app options simultaneously, CQ on the laptop hard wired thru a separate wifi router for mobile gig use/closed band system, and ipad with option of CQ mix pad or Mix Station for time being as it has better control options opposed to current facilities on the CQ device such as DVCA sliders etc. thus I have a hard wired connection and the wifi iPad for room wandering/setup etc. Setup is based on the fact Im the sound tech and keyboard player so Im making sure I have enough accessibility to important controls such as individual vocals and scenes.

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    You can get all the functionality of the cq4you app in the cqmix app, so it’s actually easier just to stay in the cqmix app rather than switch back and forth. In other words, you can use the cqmix app to mix your headphone mix rather than using cq4you. Not quite as easy as the cq4you app but works well enough.

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    Mike C

    CQ4You has the advantage that while using that app the user can not stray off and get into the other mixer functions by accident.

    So be careful who you give the full control app to!!

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    Further note: Our use case is as follows:

    5-6 piece rock/pop cover band with a busy schedule. I run sound from the stage 90% of the time. My bandmates are talented musicians, but have varying levels of technical expertise. Three of them use other apps during performance (OnSong, etc.). Having to manually reconnect CQ4U every time they switch is awkward during live performance. I’d imagine that this situation would be relatively common in worship applications, as well as any situation where electronic sheet music apps are used.

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    Ipad for Onsong etc, phone for CQ4U? How much do they have to adjust mons once set?

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