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    Hi all – this is a little bit of an obscure question… It’s heaviliy midi oriented, so it probably best suits this section of the forums…

    Short Version:
    I own a Qu16 – I’m wondering if the storage brain on the Qu16 is the same as the Qu32, since they share firmware? e.g. If I send my Qu16 a “CH32” fader position message, will the Qu16 recieve that message, retain the value sent, and even be able to store that value in a scene even though it’s meaningless within the Qu16?? I’m unfortunately currently unable to test this (away from the studio), but would love it if someone technically knowledgable is able to assist in answering?

    Slightly longer version:
    I’m working on a few projects using Bome midi translator to extensively change what the Qu16 is doing when I e.g. move a custom layer midi channel fader or press a button. I’m currently working on background planning for a 16 channel midi sequencer using the Qu16 as the brain / controller (well – effectively it will be the sequencer in full). While this sequencer will be based on using only the available 16 midi faders + 3 x 16 midi buttons + 4 x soft keys present in a custom layer (all channels set as midi channels), with Bome I can use a much broader set of variables allowing e.g. Fader 1 to be note pitch for step 1, hit SEL – now it’s velocity for step 1; hit PAFL – now it’s a user selectable midi message or internal parameter (e.g. an FX send) for step 1 … Hit another toggle softkey or combination of keys… the PAFL and SEL buttons are now a keyboard (PAFL – white keys; SEL intermittent black keys), which can be used to program notes accurately or even play live… They are quick examples only – the options available to me are very very deep. It’s a really cool sequencer in theory, and I’ll be able to program it to achieve this feature set and more… but Bome software can’t independently write values, which means… I won’t ever be able to store values created in my sequencer, so all work is lost on power down. No issue – it’s just for fun at the moment, BUT… I wonder if I could save data used in my Qu16 sequencer on unused Qu32 channels and simply save a scene to store a sequencer patch. I could then load a given scene and ping for a “Get System State”, and extract the data from the unused Qu32 channels to load a previously saved sequence…….. If that’s possible… holy crap, it’s a fully fledged sequencer with store and recall for sequences across automated faders – that’s an incredible piece of kit for me, and I’d be all in on this project.

    That “Slightly Longer Version” is probably confusing, but hopefully someone is still able to confirm the question in the “Short Version” above?!

    I’m unfortunately away from my studio and equipment and will be for more than a month – just doing pre-planning for this project at the moment, and theorising so I can hit the ground running when I return.

    Thanks in advance for any input!

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