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    Rich C

    For gigs where I don’t have time or the Footprint to set up Smaart it would be handy to be able to calibrate the external RTA input to monitor SPL levels. This could be extended to a onboard basic version of Smaart.

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    RTA metering and db metering are two different things. RTA shows the overall frequency response of a source while db meter shows the overall db level of the source.

    RTA doesn’t really need to be calibrated and would be almost impossible to do. I say this because you would have to calibrate the gain of every input to some sort of standard to ensure that your RTA was consistent between different sources.

    If you want to monitor db levels, then you absolutely need to calibrate a mic using a sound source with a known db output so that you can adjust the gain setting to ensure your db monitoring/recording matches the know db source level.

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    Bob Briessinck

    Add a transfer function taken between a measurement mic and a chosen internal matrix!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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