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    I apologize if this has already been asked. Is it possible to boost the signal when recording L/R out to a USB drive? Or is it possible if I select a specific channel to record?

    I’m trying to capture our sermon audio at church and it’s too quiet. And I can’t boost that channel in the house any more.


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    I do the same thing, except externally. I have a stereo AUX set up for recording. I send the channel to be recorded to the AUX (all the way up, or +10), then in the RECORD Aux I have the compressor set at 4:1, and boost the output level of the compressor +18db. I then take that processed signal and boost it another 10db out to my recorders. Yeah it’s complicated.

    So to summarize, set up a RECORD AUX, then boost everything in the AUX and send that to the USB Record channels.

    If you need more info, let me know. I won’t be back to the board until Sunday, But I can take pictures if need be. Hope this helps.

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    I have played back the audio I recorded with the same gain structure as the original input and did not see any loss of sound even though the audio in DAW looked low. You can always boost the audio in the DAW after the fact.

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    @nate you can use Matrix busses for both the Live sound or the stereo recording to set up individual levels for both targets.

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    Ok that makes sense. I’ll try it. Thanks!

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