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    I have a new Avantis on firmware V1.11 that is connected to a new GX4816 then to a DX168’s DX1 Port and a ME1 system. Cable path is Avantis (Slink)>GX4816 (GX Port) then out (DX1 Port)>DX168(DX-A Port). Also GX4816 (DX2 Port) to ME-1 PoE Switch. My issue is that on the console it shows the GX4816 and the DX168, however it doesn’t show the GX4816’s Link A and B as being active. It does have audio sync and passes audio both ways through both stage boxes. The biggest issue as I believe a result of this is the DX168 available inputs should show up as Slink inputs 49-64 but they are showing up as Slink 65-80.


    Here is a picture of the console status screen and I/O Tab.

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    The red link status is a known issue, logged in our database, and does not affect audio.

    The DX168 patch is as expected: ‘DX Expander inputs will appear as inputs 65-96 (DX1) and 97-128 (DX2) on the GX link / SLink’. This is due to the architecture of GX/DX which is based around blocks of 32 channels, with two of these blocks ‘reserved’ for the GX4816 local I/O. For more details, have a look at page 18 here: https://www.allen-heath.com/media/DX-GX-System-Guide-ISS_4.pdf



    Thank you! Really appreciate the help! I would recommend a feature update to allow the DX to exist starting at Slink #49 for ease of use at installations.

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