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    I would like to have the possibility to assign inputs, FX returns, groups/mixes for all busses (main, matrix, Mixbusses) in the same way as it is possible for subgroups. The reason is that on groups the presented overview is more usable than the 7 channel display.
    background: yesterday I prepared a more complex show with approx 60 channels. I bundled a lot of those channels to subgroups for several reasons. After that I wanted to remove those channels from the main bus since the signals should only come to that bus via the subgroups. Assigning th echannel sto the subgroups was quite easy. open the routing page for that group tap , tap, tap… on the channels and voila the assigment was done. Then I started to remove/deassign that channels form the mainbus. the workflow now is tap, tap, tap, scroll, scroll, tap, tap, scroll, tap, tap…. and so on. Ok, I prepared the show at home with a lot of time to do that. But what happens if I come right before the show to the conclusion to use an extra subgroup?
    Please enhance the usability of your Harmony UI in that point.

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