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    Mike Storm

    I’m curious about real world applications of the AES output. I thought I could use it with my PCM91 but I’d need an input too.
    Anyone out there using it, and what for?

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    Using it as a digital feed to a PA management system, working pretty well.

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    It would be nice to have one on the other end of my dSnake……

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    Speaker management\amps\recorders that can take an AES3 input: keep the signal digital as long as possible.

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    I use it with an outboard D to A for monitoring.

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    Is the AES locked into a particular format 48k 24bit?
    I used to use [a long time ago] on ADAT [blackface] systems the AES/EBU however from memory it was only 16 bit 48k.
    I look at that socket on the rear of the QU and think gosh, if only I could use that for… something!?
    OK so any recommendations for equipment to use with this port?

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    Speaker management systems…

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    Oke doke so thats 2 of you
    Can you supply a link for users to see the type of system you are using this with?
    The actual apparatus.

    Thank you

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    Anytime you have a chance to keep things in the digital world, do it.

    If your system processor has AES in, you avoid both an AD and DA conversion by going straight digital.

    If you’re using an amp with DSP built in, some will have an AES input which avoids 2 conversions also.

    100% of the time I use any digital console I patch a Waves MaxxBCL onto the AES output. Mastering grade DA conversion and mastering grade processing.

    Makes a huge difference, little sub $1500 consoles start sounding like $20k+ consoles.

    Keep in mind, a MaxxBCL is about $3000 so it isn’t exactly cheap.

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    Can you use the AES out to a DX012 for in-ear monitors. Patch from XLR to psm300 systems? Also is the AES stereo, mono or selectable?

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    On a QU32 you can patch any of the outputs to The AES
    Not sure about the SQ or the other top shelf brigade 🙂

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    Mike C

    Can you use the AES out to a DX012 for in-ear monitors. Patch from XLR to psm300 systems? Also is the AES stereo, mono or selectable?

    That interface is only for the SQ and Avantis series mixers and is fed from the link outputs.

    On my QU’s I the AES output for the main LR mix to my system processors for the main PA, that saves an DA to AD conversion stages.

    For what it’s worth I use Venue 360 system DSP’s

    If you need to feed two DSP inputs Whirlwind makes a good passive AES splitter.
    If you split AES more than two ways I would start looking at active splitters.

    AES is two channels.

    The AES format has been around since the mid 80’s and was first used in broadcast long before mixing live sound with a digital mixer was a talking point.

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    I started working like this: I connect my sq5 to a d&b audiotechnik D12 amplifier using AES/EBU. Guys, the difference between analog and AES is very big. The sound on AES is much better, transparency appeared …
    I am delighted!!!

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