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    Keith I understand this would be a massive overhaul and I thank you and the team for all of your work. I think there is a major demand for 6 matrices, whether it be 6 mono or 3 stereo. I understand at the price point of the console we may be asking for things outside of this range. But the console is phenomenal, but I think it could be improved exponentially with more matrices. If this could be brought up to your team and see if testing can be done, it would be greatly appreciated. I understand it will take time and may not be possible, but it would be great to know.
    Thank you!

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    We need to reach a clear understanding between the features that are currently available and the limitations on all XCIV core driven A&H decks. The traditional older architectural designs, featured by some competitive brands, that offer functions that go beyond the current A&H XCIV design have their own market: some offer less sonic quality and some are available at a price point well above anything in the A&H line.
    If I am reading Keith’s comments correctly a broadly expanded number of matrices is not possible with the current XCIV core design in the D-Live, Avantis, or SQs. The SQ’s singular 36 bus limitation has been a reasonable point of contention for several years with a lot of requests for features that are exclusively available on D-Live or Avantis however the current plea for additional matrices is not in that same frame work.

    Please allow me an opportunity to restate my request for a small footprint processing DX expansion stage box controller with out the 36 bus limitations of the current SQ. A universal XCIV core with access to all of the D-Live functional processing goodness would be a home run for a lot of us that are willing to pay for it. All SQ owners are well drilled in the process of buying a license for various features initially locked in the deck when manufactured. This is a unique benefit of the digital revolution: you can buy what you need when you need it. IMO 16, 24, or 36 XLRs on a mixing desk requiring 60 or more lbs of copper snake is not consistent with todays expansion stage box deployment that uses a simple Cat 6 cable for the deck connection. A&H currently offers pricy controllers for processing stage boxes: however not the small footprint controller processor I am requesting.

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    +1 for the option of 6 mono matrices switchable to 3 stereo / any combination

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    Crossing out of the studio world I’m looking to buy an SQ, this is the only thing holding me back

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