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    I’ve got a FoH scene and a Mon scene on my dLive so that I can change the fader layouts between my FoH and monitor channels, and one softkey for each scene to get between them easily. The monitor channel layout doesn’t change much because everyone’s on ME-1s or iPads with OneMix, so I have that scene locked. The FoH channel layout, though, changes all the time based on what subset of musicians we have and whatnot, and I’m in the habit of saving over that scene fairly often during rehearsals and especially right before switching to the Mon scene.

    Twice now, that habitual saving of the FoH scene has lead to myself or someone else accidentally saving over the FoH scene while the Mon layout scene was active. Obviously you can’t protect against every way that people can accidentally tell the board to do something they don’t want it to do, but in this case there are two solutions that I can think of.

    First, could we make it so that scenes can lock or unlock other scenes when they’re recalled? Then I could have my FoH scene lock my monitor scene & unlock itself, and my monitor scene lock my FoH scene & unlock itself. This way, whenever I recall a fader layout scene, it’ll only let me save over the layout scene I’m already in. I mean, obviously I could go manually unlock the scene, but at that point I’m doing it on purpose and I shouldn’t be stopped (well, not by the board, anyway 😂).

    Second, if we add the ability for one scene to have different sets of layouts for FoH and monitors (probably and broadcast, while we’re at it) , I think that’d solve it, too. Note that I’m well aware of the existing layer functionality. There aren’t nearly enough of them to have everything on one surface.

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