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    We are a new user of a GLD-80 and some ME1’s. We used a Soundcraft LX7 before, so we have a huge amount to learn. I have a number of question as we learn how to drive this setup.

    One question is; there are many references to using all 40 channels on the ME1, but I haven’t figured out how to choose channels 17-40 on the ME1.

    On the GLD, I can patch these channels, but how do I choose them on the ME1?

    Please help!

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    Hi Sean

    Setting up key sources is explained on page 22 of the user guide.

    There is also a demonstration of this in one of our ME-1 youtube videos (skip to 50 seconds in for the key setup part).

    If your sources don’t show up in the assignment list, perhaps ‘Aviom Mode’ is enabled in the Monitors tab of the Outputs page? If so, simply change this to ‘ME-1 Mode’.

    Hope this helps

    – Jeff, A&H

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    Hello, on studying/reading / trying
    Is there any way to align from using a QU32 1-1 through to 32-32 on the ME1?
    If there are 16 keys and from testing this system works really well without following faders.
    Is there a way to switch banks from 1-16 to 17-32?
    Just keeping things really simple.
    This would be a very effective simple way to add monitor sends

    Thanks for any replies

    dave NZ

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Dave,

    You cannot switch banks / layers on ME-1, but any key can be turned into a local Group, with any number of sources coming from the Qu-32 in each Group. That’s how 16 keys can be set up to mix up to 40 sources (plus Aux In and Ambient Mic). It also gives the advantage of having a single level control each for your drumkit, BVs etc. although the individual levels and pans are only one button press away should you need them.

    Hope this helps.

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