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    Received a GLD80 weeks ago. LOVE the board. But the Remote app is a no go for mixing live compared to even a dinosaur like the LS9 app, let alone the x32 app.

    Short faders, lack of sends on faders, and access to fx, etc. is not conducive to live mixing. The laptop editor is ok and the two together might work, but this should not be necessary and defeats the purpose.

    Any plans to update/reconfigure remote?

    Any third party software out there?

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    Mike Storm

    Sends on faders is there. Just double tap on a channel, it’s the equivalent of pressing a ‘Mix’ key on the desk.

    A more complete set of features would be nice, but you can control the FX tap tempo and send/return, which is good enough for most live mixing situations (post soundcheck) in my opinion.

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    “(post soundcheck)” – Perfect analogy!

    I forgot about the double tap.

    But yeah, everyone else has so many more things accessible, and fairly easy to get to at that. The GLD is capable of so many things, it seems the software was an afterthought.

    However as it is set up as more of a “pro” layout, they may have figured it wouldn’t see that many wedding, corpie, and bar gigs?

    Would also LOVE to see a GLD that fits in the same rack my LS9-16!

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    For smaller gigs many use the QU series, they have several that are rack mountable, and because a couple have limited to no surface control (QU Pak, QU SB) so the iPad app is more fully functional.

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