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    Thought I’d relate this for anyone that might run into this same scenario. Had a talent search type show at a county fair last weekend in a building with no air conditioning so all the doors stayed open for air movement. Using my iDR 32 with a Lenova all in one touchscreen and the iPad. I use a mouse on the Lenova as the editor doesn’t work well with the touchscreen due to most everything being too small to tap and control with any reliability. “does work well for Hog PC for lighting” A number of times during the night I’d grab the mouse for EQ’ing and notice my cursor had disappeared only to find it somewhere else on the screen. Odd as I’ve never seen that before and annoying to go looking for the cursor on the 21″ screen. Finally towards the end of the show I caught the cause of all the trouble. I instinctively swung at a fly that landed on the screen and as he lifted off just happened to notice the little white blip that shows when you touch the screen. Mystery solved…..we’d been swinging at flies all night as they were pretty thick and annoying but just never occurred to me that they were the source of the disappearing mouse.


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