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    During a show I recalled a show file from the desk that had been saved with Aux mix to monitors and FOH L & R faders up and open, just before I had control of the desk the speakers (monitors and FOH ) feed back quite loudly. There was no feed back when I saved the show and as soon as I had control of the desk the fB stopped.
    I don’t want that to happen again so do I always have to make sure faders are down or muted before a show file is saved? Would that stop the feed back? I had several bands to mix during the event and just appended the mix as I went along after that. I need to trust that if I sound check a band and save it as a show file, when I recall that show later I don’t want scare the ***** out of everyone with 200db of feed back…!!!


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    The obvious answer would be that something changed on stage, but presumably that’s been ruled out.

    I can make feedback happen without changing a single setting on the desk if I turn up a power amp or point a vocal mic into a monitor wedge. [:D]

    You say that the feedback stopped when you got control of the desk. Did you change anything to make the feedback stop or did it stop by itself when the show file fully loaded and gave you control?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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