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    Well guys, I have my GLD80 for 2 weeks now and did a few simple shows with it to get used tot it. I am really glad I bought a GLD. I works and sounds like a charm. But… I think there are some things to improve:

    1. Why are there only 2 stereo channels available ? I would like to be able to configure the amount of stereo channels.

    2. Ganging for stereo channels is ok, but it lacks selectable gain-ganging and it would be nice that PAN ganging is (always) relative

    3. USB player works, but shows all available tracks. If it would be able to show folders and/or use the IDTag information inside the files to build a library which can be browsed by album/artist/track…

    4. If you have selected an FXsend-mix and have group on the channelstrip, It seems like you can put them on-off to the FXsend mix, but in fact you are seeing ‘on-off’ state to MAIN mix. This is confusing and can have impact during a show. I think it is better make groups invisble or show N/A on the groupdisplay (at the position of DCA/AUX) and disable the mix-button when FXsend mixes are selected.

    5. I am missing a lot of configurable items for the softbuttons. eg : REC start, REC stop, Play start, play stop for USB player. Incremental Scene snapshot, go to a certain page (like USB player) and so on..

    6. In metering there are also some issues:
    * in custom views you can select max 16 channels. The Ip view shows 24 channels. would like to be able to set 24 channels on one row. There is space enough
    * Please remove the signal gen below the RTA. don’t need it there
    * There is no way to select Pre/post fader for the views
    * Would like to be able to change pre/post fader for VU meters at the strips (Ip are always Pre fader)

    7. I would really like a 3 or 4 channel Multiband compressor in the FX rack

    8. I would really like a De-esser in the FX rack

    9. DCA’s are working as they should be. But why not introducing relative pan too ? Would help for me.

    Would you like to be improved/changed ?


    GLD80 :-)

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    I’ve had the same issue with number 4. It caused a lot of confusion before I figured it out and there is no way of knowing whats happening if someone just walks up to the console and tries to mix on it.


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