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    My touch screen failed last night on my r72….thought a simple reboot would fix. Nope. Couldnt even log in.. had to run the show from my laptop.

    I guess even if the smallest spec of dirt or whstever Falls in a crack the screen thinks its always being touched..even if you visualy see no dirt! Its not finger sensitive like a cell phone. Epic fail. This happened to me an hour before show time after I sound checkef the headline. ..

    Having way to many issues with this board. Never been so displeased with a allen amd hath product. Please help me. This is getting rediculous.

    Hmm..it must be broke!

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    Update. Had some downtime on my gig today so I pressed down on the screen a bit on the lower corners. Walla! Touch screen works.

    Hmm..it must be broke!

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    haven’t had anyy problems with the ilive, only with waves soundgrid.

    But i do think the build quality of the T surfaces is absolutely ridiculous. They are waaaay too expensive for something so far from solid and sexy.

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    You want help? Over-exaggerating and complaining in a forum isn’t really going to fix your issues.

    To quote the A&H forums welcome page…

    “PLEASE NOTE: We cannot offer technical support from this forum. If you have a problem that you cannot find the answer to here please contact your Allen & Heath dealer or distributor or visit the Tech Support page at https://www.allen-heath.com/support

    Got a problem? Talk to the rep who sold it to you. Talk to the iLive 24 hour support people. Talk to your local authorised repair centre. Get your R72 replaced or swapped under warranty. If you really don’t like it, return it and ask for your money back.

    The reality is you might have just got a dud board. That’s life. Quality assurance in any manufacturing process doesn’t eliminate the odd dud, it just reduces the risk. Same thing happens with any piece of gear. If you want it fixed, take some meaningful action.

    For the record, our T112 gets dragged around by kind-hearted volunteers, covered in dust & filth and hasn’t missed a beat since we bought it 14 months ago.

    The only problem we’ve had was due to a faulty ethernet cable. How did we work that out? RTFM, tested everything, spoke to A&H people, followed advice, got it solved.

    Sorry to get ticked off but having a sook here doesn’t get your issues solved.



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    +1 Michael

    These sort of rants don’t belong here.
    Call your dealer or A&H tech support and then if you don’t have any joy, feel free to rant here about poor customer service. Ranting before you have even sought support is just not on.

    The reality is, if you have a problem, A&H and the dealer network go above and beyond to get it sorted for you. This forum is not for support issues unless its a genuine issue that many people are experiencing.

    I don’t believe the touch screens work the way you describe, otherwise dust or even wind could drive them crazy. They are self calibrating restiveness screens by the look of it, so if anything did get lodged, a reboot should fix it.

    By the sounds of this problem and the other problems you have had, your R72 may have had a few (or one big) knock that has loosened or dislodged connectors inside. Maybe in transit or shipping?
    If it is still under warranty, get them to check it.
    If it is not, a proper maintenance program should check all internal connectors every year anyway.

    Is it properly cased?
    How or what are you transporting it in?

    Judging by the deafening silence and absence of “me to” posts after all of your previous issues, I think it is safe to say you either have a faulty board, or it is something you are doing.

    Have you been properly trained in how to use and maintain digital consoles? Is this your first digital console?

    The reality is, these systems work and are highly reliable. There are thousands of users around the world that place their faith in these products day after day to run their businesses.

    I personally own 3 iLives from T up to modular and I don’t believe there is currently another system on the market that exhibits the same level of redundancy options. But redundancy is no good unless you put in place proper planning and mitigation strategies.

    Your system is only as reliable as its single points of failure. A touch screen should not be a show stopping single point of failure in your audio system. Nor should the mixer itself. If the gig is important enough, you should have spares for any one single point of failure or a backup plan.

    Digital changes things when it comes to reliability. In the old analog world, there were more individual failure points, but fewer single points of failure.
    That does mean in digital, you can carry far less equipment, but it does mean that if a tiny part of that equipment fails, then it has a far greater impact. This means, any high quality operator should carry a spare for every single point of failure or have a fast turnaround backup plan for anything they can’t carry as a spare.

    Please call your dealer.

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    Well done Toby you and Michael have it nailed, maybe the incessant whining will now cease if the proper channels are utilised.
    A&H Tech support is one of the best there is, great guys that go way above and beyond to help.
    I have been using iLive since it’s initial roll out, single rack, dual rack with and without surfaces you name it.In door’s out doors even on boats, over 90% of my woe’s are always pilot error and I am the first to admit it. The individual units are on the whole very reliable, but no electronic system is 100% infallible. I have had most other manufacturers consoles fail on me at some time or other, as it has been said before P.P.P.P.P.P and R.T.M.

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    I disappear from time to time.

    allen and Heath were very kind to me. I sent my ID R 32 and R 72 surface to themand they looked over everything they ended up replacing the main CPU board in the i Dr 32 everything is been working great up to this point.

    except this weekend I did a two day festival. the first day the I live works great no problems at all. strike all the gear that night and put it In the trailer. I was gentle with everything and I was the 1 who packed away the I live.

    second day is when things get crazy. mind you I’ve only had things back for 4 months now from being sent in. we hook everything back up and mediately on startup something doesn’t seem right…the faders on the surface were not responsive at all.

    I have had this issue before and I believe a few other people have as well I tried all sorts of things with no luck we ended up having to use a laptop the second day. I would change layers on the surface and the motorized faders wouldnt move.

    I could raise the little fader in the touch screen window in the routing tab to the right of the screen…and as soon as I stopped moving the encoder The Fader in the routing area would jump right back to infinity.

    so now I am back square 1 with only a few days to figure this out before my next show.

    to answer your question the id r 32 is being transported in a shock mounted case.

    the R 72 is not that is transported in a regular case that is not shock mount it it just has rack rails on the side to hold the mixer it fits perfectly.

    the temperatures over at the gig this weekend we’re fine everything was in the shade and it wasn’t too hot or too cold I’d say about 80 degrees and not super humid nothing was sweating gear wise

    Hmm..it must be broke!

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    I got 3 defective R-72 units. I had a different issue than you are having, but after the 3rd I chose to not try another one. My T80 an T112 have been solid.

    Best of luck.

    T112, T80, iDR48 (2), iDR16 all w/M-DANTE, PL10, MixPads, Editor
    MacBook Pro, Mac Mini,PC
    Lion/Logic Pro/PT10/Reaper
    All latest versions/firmware

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    I did a factory reset on all network connections. Also re installed the firmware v1.9 on the mix rack. Things are back to normal. For now. A t112 would be awesome but takes to much space. I can do much with the r72 in such a small space.

    Would running about 150ft of ethernet with slack from that coiled next to the mixer and also next to a 100ft run of ac make a differnce? I hope not. I’m using reccomended cat6 horizon cable. Might be cat5 not sure. It was all bought used from a trusted source

    Hmm..it must be broke!

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    So what I gathered from the faders staying at zero is a networking issue.

    I addressed my stuff for the ilive as

    ” “.4
    ” “.5

    I was told to leave it at the default settings from allen and heath and hopefully that will help. Keep ya posted

    Hmm..it must be broke!

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