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    The GLD is a very good product. It sounds great, the surface is well laid out, it’s versatile and has a well considered group of features for a product in it’s price range.

    Some specific issues I’ve noticed relate to the Show file / Scene arrangement are:

    phantom power settings seem only to be saved in scenes after the scene is saved to the show files

    There are no separate “configuration” (I/O and surface layout) files so a scene that uses the same I/O configuration but not the same surface appearance has to be built on a previous scene or built from scratch

    I find the fact that surface mix button “on state” settings aren’t saved with the scene desirable for an experienced user but dangerous for a novice: i.e. aux 6 on layer d mix button got pressed, then a new scene got recalled, the operator is cranking away on layer a thinking he is changing the house mix but is actually changing aux 6.

    The operators manual is printed very beautifully on lovely stock but seems to be about 200 pages short. [My jaw hit the floor when I went looking for the “real” manual on line and I found out that I had the “real” manual in my hand. Let’s see, 28 pages minus the safety instructions and illustrations is how many pages.]

    Mostly like an I-live so it’s in and working. [8D]

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    After nearly 30 days in use, the board and interfaces are stable as hell.

    Time to check the web site for the GUI

    Still not posted!![:(]

    It is much more than a minor inconvenience to not have a PC orApple
    GUI to work with. When you are trying to help an inexperienced operator learn the board and you have two people poking at an 8inch touch screen to do everything it’s a pain in the butt.

    The GLD80 sounds great with very phat mic pres, super D to A and good comp/EQ/reverb plugs.

    I just wish I didn’t feel like an unpaid beta tester half the time I’m using the board.

    Mother May I? steer an Aux to the USB recorder after some firmware change?[:D]

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    You can easily feed an Aux to the USB recorder. Or the way the GLD wants to do it, feed the USB recorder for an aux.

    I/O Tab, Surface, USB box, choose your mix bus.


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