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    I want to develop a Mixing App for Android (Phone+Tablet), but I don’t have access to an iLive/GLD system, so I wanted to ask if there is a network-server that simulates the responses I would get from a real iDR to check my development? [:)]
    Or is there a documentation for the ACE-control protocol?

    Hope somebody can help me [:)]
    (You can also send me a iDR if you have one left [:D])

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    On the support site fromA&H there is a dokument with the TCP/IP control protocol. It’s based on MIDI messages transported over network.

    R-72, iDR-16, xDR-16, Dante

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    Yes I know, I already implemented the TCP/IP Midi thing. But I still got 2 problems:
    1. I can’t test it (Ofcourse somebody else with an ilive system could test it but it makes it quiet hard to debug things)
    2. The documented TCP/IP protocol is very limited in function. You can’t even change an eq setting! [xx(]

    But I think A&H won’t release an document about the ACE protocol?

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    Why not asking them?
    Andy maybe they are interested as well in your Android Version of MixPad?

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    I already asked them for a documentation of the protocol used for the iLive system, but they told me it’s a A&H internal document and there are not working on an android app :(
    I think I will be able to reverse engineer the protocol but it just takes a LOT more time.

    @tk2k: no, it’s just the midi per tcp/ip protocol, which is only capable of changing values like volume, no eq or other stuff.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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