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    I’m using an iDR32 with MixPad on iPad 1 over D-Link DIR 815 (5 GHz only, external Cicso 5 GHz omnidirectional antenna, MAC filter on, SID disabled). Works fine, a little slow on channel scrolling, but I blame on the old version of iPad. This setup travels with me for a tour and therefore is into regular use. Last night I discovered the pan of one channel was not where I left it- it was full way to left, so it sounded. I put that back and it did not happen again that night. Starting to figure I remenber that I’ve seen this before on several channels- pan to the left, but I thought I’ve done a mistake during preparation with editor, however I did not pan anything.
    So here’s the question- anyone had something similar? What would cause this? First that came into my mind was 4 finger sweep to switch between MixPad and the setlist dosument, however then ir should be panned to right (document app is on the left). And apart from that, I was into custom tab, where the panned input is not displayed.
    I think there’s some trouble with app, it might send some values from the channel before it is updated into scrolling process. Any input would be appreciated.

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