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    Just curious, how many people traveling with a spare IPS-10?

    I am really a weekend warrior and every time I toy with the idea of purchasing a back up power supply for my mix rack, I always think that the DSP board or some other component could fail as easy and I do not have a spare for that.

    Reading the forums, I have not come across PSU failures (at least through my searches).

    So I was curious, are PSU issues fairly common? Enough to warrant the additional expense?

    Thanks for your input…

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    I had a PSU failure long time ago. It was on one of the early IDR48 racks. I think they changed something after that . they added the connector for the IPS-10 also.
    I purchased an IPS-10 after that and always carry the damn thing but had no need for it so far. This is +- 2 years ago.


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    Thanks for your input…

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    There was an issue with iDR PSU’s overheating in hotter climates (I believe one on Adele’s tour a couple of years ago died when they were touring the South) but I’ve yet to need the external PSU touching wood.

    Still I’d rather carry one and be able carry on with the show, same reason I truck a UPS with the brain rack…


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