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    Greetings, how do I keep two Editor configurations in sync?

    I have two Editor workstations for which I desire them to have the same configuration at all times…..

    • Library settings – I have no idea how to sync these between Editor workstations
    • Editor window layouts – likewise [:)]
    • Scenes – for any given show, my two Editor workstations seem to have different scene names. I thought these were stored in the iDR…?
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    I asked A&H many times to keep the scene names in the IDR, they won’t :-(
    Only way is to restore the entire show (saved via an editor session) on each editor you want to ‘sync’.

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    I would say the best way to keep everything in “in sync” would be to use a USB device to store the shows, and any associated library files, and treat the files on the USB device as the master file, saving any changes after each show.

    There will still be a few differences like editor widows layouts etc, but nothing you couldn’t change easily.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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