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    I want to make a recording with the iLive T112 & dual rack.
    Therefor i want to buy a Madcard or a Dantecard.

    Which is Better?

    For the Madi card I would need to buy a RME HDSPe madi card, for the Dante not.

    Therefor Dante is cheaper. (Dante card ca € 1350,-; Madi card ca € 1250,- + RME HDSPe ca € 1250,- = € 2500,- )

    But which is better?

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    128 channel you can record only with 2x madi RME HDSPe cards so your record budget = MMADI CARD 1250$ + 2x rme HDSPe card 2500$= 3750$

    Which is better ?
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    Both are trustworthy.

    A attempt for a neutral comparison:

    • Dante with DVS (software ASIO driver) is cheaper
    • Dante with DVS has higher latency (which is not a problem for recording though).
    • There are laptop hardware interfaces for MADI. For Dante there’s only PCIe if you need the low latency (otherwise use the software driver).
    • Dante network setup is flexible. You can easily route the same audio source to multiple destinations. Every laptop can be used to record. No extra hardware needed.
    • You can bridge iLive control and Dante network over the same cable. You can also bridge the signal of your two Mixracks over one cable. Bidirectional. In general you’ll need less cable.

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    It feels a bit like MERCEDES or BMW, doesn’t it?
    I used MADI with Coax-Cabling and RME MADIface during 2010 until Dante came up. After some month experience with MADI my conclusion is:

    Both are working fine!

    Though today MDAI is a more usual standard even in broadcast and big installation environments, Dante is the more modern solution, serving more flexibility, more functionality.
    Basically MADI is a point to point connection which is fine for single system recording purposes. Using multiple iDRs or 3rd party systems, more recorders, other stuff.. this works only with Dante as it is a open network solution.

    br Gunter

    Günter Eisbach
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    We ‘ only’ want to record 64 channels.

    I read somewhere that the latency of Dante could give problems, but somewhere else I read that is not a big issue and as Wouter also said (for recording).

    And yes, it’s Mercedes vs. BMW, but we are buying a new car, and we can go either way…
    Because Dante is cheaper, my first choice also would be Dante, but I’m still interested in experiences from others.


    Eric Combrink

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    Madi is currently more used in broadcast enviromnents. So if you are planning on intergrating your ilive system in such an enviroment, use madi. Too bad a&h doesn’t have a optical madi out option, like yamaha.

    If you’re a stand-alone user, dante is a good option. I’m planning on buying dante, but i only have experience with madi (not on ilive, but on lawo system) so currently i’ m reading into dante. If i finnish my research i will post again.

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