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    Here’s the setup:

    -144 surface
    -iDR32 mixrack (master)
    -iDR10 mixrack (slave)

    All are talking together fine
    All firmware on each piece is up-to-date on v1.81

    We are randomly getting the red “X” on the home screen beside firmware showing a firmware problem. This caused a little yellow triangle warning sign on some screens at the bottom (so far, the name and colour and scenes and show manager screens). If, during the red “X” period, we save a scene, and then switch shows, and then switch shows again and come back to where we were, the scene we saved is gone and all the changes we have with it. We checked the error log and it said:

    Under the iDR32 MixRack (master):
    Unknown Filter type! (Paramint cpp:987)

    Once we press that error on the screen and then go back to home screen, the red “x” is cleared and is green check again. BUT the error is still happening randomly.

    What is an unknown filter type that is happening on our mixrack master?

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    Just 2 Thoughts.

    To save scenes for sure, you also have to archive the show, then a scene is really save.

    The problem with the red “X” maybe has to do with the possibility that we can change the filter range from the parametric EQ since version 1.7?

    Maybe the show you use is archived without the wide range and now you want to save a scene using the wide range from the parametrics and there the system runs in a conflict.

    I don’t know if it helps but you can try.

    Hope you understand my english.


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    I think it has something to do with the original factory “Setup” scene 1. Whenever we switch back to that scene (which, in our case, existed in both our current show and the the original factory show), is when we experienced the firmware “x” and unknown filter error. My guess is since we’ve setup with Dual MixRack mode now and the original factory “Setup” scene was not set for dual mixrack mode, it’s giving us an error. Seems to be the case. Thanks!

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    Try to reapply the firmware, had the same problem in my setup with xDR16 and iDR16. After reinstalling 1.81 on all devices the problem is gone (until now)

    R-72, iDR-16, xDR-16

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    Hi Clintage

    The ‘unknown filter type’ that is happening on your mixrack is corrupt data trying to be recalled in the mixrack and could be the cause of your problems.

    I’m afraid you will need to start a new show and destroy the old show to get rid of the corrupt data.
    I suggest you recall a template show and start building up your show again. If the problem remains you may need to do a jumper reset on the mixrack to flush out all old stored data.

    Sam A&H

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    I get the firmware red X sometimes as well. If I restart the surface it turns green.

    I run the same show and store everyday and call it the name of the venue. As I reraly recall I have done a ton of editing in that same build.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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