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    Hi Guys,

    We have a hip-hop group that we will be having into our venue. We want to accommodate them as best as possible. None of our engineers have mixed hip-hop ever, live or studio. Any suggestion on how to give them great sound for what they want to produce, please give my your input. This is on a I-Live t-112. I would also welcome and mic and turntable eq’ing parameters.


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    Do they use a live band or a only a dj with cd? Most rap artist i’ve toured with tend to hold their mics in the worst way possible, wich results in no definition or dynamics. Compressors are your best friends! Don’t over-eq on the high end of the spectrum, due to microphone handling, it’s just not there… But that’s my opinion/experience…

    Good luck,


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    Agree with the above post but have had success using frequency conscious compression to tame plosive’s which means the high end has little compression and is “more natrual” while lows are more controlled.

    Also suggest getting a similar hip hop CD and listen to it on your rig and note what the key attributes are in the mix and how it sounds etc…



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    Bet they cup the mic’s. Ugh. However I did run sound for one group that their backing cd had full vocals on it. They just “sang” on top and ad libbed here and there. I just kept the mics lower in the mix and kept the cd blasting. It was loud and everyone was happy. ;-)

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