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    I’m a sound designer for my university theatre, and we’re trying to decide on some new performance software. Now the TD is very PC and showed me this “Show Cue System” and i was curious if anyone else out there has used it and what your thoughts on it were, pros-cons. etc…

    i’m familiar with the mac based QLab, and the SFX 6.

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    Using it a lot – great program, great support.
    Highly recommended.

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    it´s not free :-)

    greetings from hamburg

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    Really like it.

    Jonathan Wade
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    Big thumbs up from me on SCS; you can run your entire show with it if you’re using a digital console; pre-show music, FX, scene changes, the lot. It’s not free, but it’s certainly not expensive. Anyway, good software with decent support is rarely going to be free. Ade.

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    I’ve used SCS and had a positive experience while guest designing for a local university (although it’s been a few years now). It certainly is an excellent and reasonably priced solution. I would recommend considering SFX or Qlab over it mostly because it would be preferable to expose students to these programs as they are the more widely used options in the professional theatre world. If it’s a matter of using a PC and not being able to go SFX I would certainly use SCS but also try to find an old mac to have Qlab on as an alternative (but I’d try not to go older than the early intel based ones-I do have a G4 powerbook running Qlab 1 flawlessly, but it can be tempermental with ver 2). Best of luck.

    M. Jason Pruzin
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    gotcha, thanks for the imput

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