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    We have been running a show for the past few weeks.
    After the console was initially set up and layed out we created an archive of the show.

    Then each night after the performance it is updated. (Archived to the same name and overwritten.) As there were various adjustments made and scene alterations.

    We had another event and created a new show for this.
    When we loaded the long running performances show file again it was not current, it would load in the state it was when first archived.

    Does anyone know why this may have happened? Are we updating the show properly?

    : Matt

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    HI Matt, have you created a “master” scene? ………………

    An” initial” scene in which all parameters are saved to …..then subsequent scenes with only minor changes you make along the way……………shows contain your basic setup prefs, dsp allocation, and mixer config etc and ……scenes……these in return store your changes, updates to parameters etc……you update/store the scenes within the show file and archive the show at the end of the evening…….

    let us know if this helps……..


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    Hi Ray,

    Yep, we have a master scene which is a full snapshot, this is also updated each night.
    However recalling this still only called up the old version.

    : Matt

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    Hi Matt

    Does your system seem to save any settings in new shows? Or when overwriting shows?

    It would be good if you could make a new show again setup all the setting so you know where they are set then save that show as test 1 then create another show with seperate settings.
    Then check what is not recalled when you recall the first test show 1?

    Then please contact A&H technical support with all the information you know about this issue and they will be able to help you resolve your issue.

    Sam A&H

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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