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    I need little information about this pl 10 series, can i send all my 48 channels into pl 10 and give it to the worship leader , but what ever he changes it should only affect the worship leader monitor, so can i do send all my 48 channels after the eq, limter from foh to pl 10,

    hoping for a reply,


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    Hi Moses, your question is a bit more complex than it sounds……while you can assign different parameters to the PL10 these are limited to the following
    LED on/off
    Fader up/down
    Send level up/down
    FX level up/down
    Scene recall
    Custom MIDI string
    Talkback assign (according to the pdf ) :
    so not all 48 ch parameters and not all at one time ……and, to preserve separate mon and foh you would technically have to divide the inputs between all available channels so that you’d end up with, for example, drums input ch 1-8 for foh and routed to mix and then assign the drums also to ch 24-32 for mon routed to auxes or other…bass ch 9 for foh and ch 33 for mon etc….that would preserve any EQ limiter etc. you make at foh so on a 48 channel rack you could possibly do a 24 ch full mon and foh (I’m not including surface inputs though you could). However there is the inpracticality of having so many channels assigned to a PL device as there is no way for the Worship Leader to know what he/she is controlling unless you write a description on the PL and for 48 ch that would be daunting to keep up with! there are most likely other ways to do this ……you could assign the PL switches to scenes which would recall certain configurations and you could send/pre mixed inputs through auxes or others means and give him/her access to the aux mix levels etc…..or even assign some important channels to the pl remote ……..there is a pdf on using theses as well as other types of PL here: hope that you will find a solution for your needs.


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    Hi moses and RayS

    I think Ray made a little more complicated than necessary.
    I’ve done what you are asking for.
    Here is the process:
    1 – First thing you should do is assign your top buttons to Scene Recal for some high numbers, 50 to 54 for example.
    2 – Set up your first scene by assigning send levels to the encoders in the PL10.
    3 – Save this scene to #50 (for example) Make sure that only the PL parameter is selected for that scene. (the same for all other PL scenes)
    4 – Save this same set up to Scene 51, but now change the rotaries to the next 8 channel send levels. Also change your scene button LED status to on or off according to the scene you are working on.
    5 – Update Scene 51 with the new settings.
    6 – Repeat steps 4 and 5 for as many scenes you need.

    Hopefully this makes sense.

    BTW.. I’d recommend you only select a few channels to your worship leader. Barely ever, the WL needs everything in their ears.

    if you have any questions on this set-up, let me know and I’ll try to explain a little more clear. It’s late, and I may not make much sense.

    take care

    Gil Parente
    Design & Integration
    Entertainment Arts, Inc.

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    hey ,
    Gil Parente thanks for the info , i still have few doubts on pl 10 , you were saying to create a seperate scene for pl 10 but on what scene is my main foh then and if pl 10 runs on a seperate scene can i send mix 1(aux 1) sends on pl 10 like kick , snare , toms , bass, vocals to pl 10 , so that he can just adjust the volumes levels for few things but can i still change the volume levels from my t-112 , i hope i am clear ,


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    Moses (and Gil) I think for what you are wanting to do you still have to mirror some inputs to keep control separate from WL and FOH……..Moses , in your editor you can simulate the PL10 and what it has control over….give it a try and you’ll get an idea of what you can get away with ! its under Setup tab>PL-Anet setup ……>PL sim options


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