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    Im looking for some helpful advice regarding a full PA system I need to get. This is all for a project, not getting actually getting this.

    I want a digital set up, mixing console (I was thinking Digico SD8-24) for FOH not sure about a monitor console? can I have two digital desks?
    – Active splitters (FOH + Monitors)
    – Multicore system (with stage boxes and XLR looms)
    The mixing console (small footprint and ease of transport and set up are important here)
    – FX and Dynamics Processing maybe built into console…whatever is best.
    – System Equalisation
    – System Processing
    – Amplification (system processing maybe built ito Amplifiers)
    – Loudspeakers including subwoofers (no plastic boxes)

    Monitor system:
    like I said, I’d like to go with digital, but if analogue works best here…let me know, the more knowledge I have on this the better.

    – Monitor system equalisation
    – Monitor system processing
    – 4 way monitor mix
    – 5 floor monitors and 1 sub woofer (center mix being a pair of floor monitors, drummers mix having a mid top and sub woofer combination and the floor monitors should have either 12″ or 15″ low drivers.)

    Im thinking of going with Meyer Speakers or martins? something that is scalable for a variety of applications like small and large corporate events, school productions, band events including rock gigs etc.)

    ANY INFO will be great…any feedback on certain products too.


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    This forum is primarily dedicated to the Ilive systems. I think you will get a better general response on the prosoundweb.
    But I would definitely go for a digital system. And an Ilive suites your demands:
    I sugest 2 digital consoles with 2 racks. You can have the digital split. Each console can have it’s own trim.
    With the ilive you get already a digital multicore, FX, dynamics and EQ incorporated.

    Kind regards

    Disclaimer: I disclaim everything. The contents of this message might be totally inaccurate, inappropriate, misguided, or otherwise perverse – except for my name (hopefully I got that right).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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