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    This weekend i had a festival with two stages which were two trailers parked end to end. The PA was rigged with a central column and left and right columns so when a band was on stage 1 centre and left were up and centre and right for stage two. The show I used was LCR. The difficulties I encountered was that when a channel was panned central it just came out of the centre stack and when it was panned to slightly left say, nothing came out of the right column, which would have been helpful, just left and centre. My question then is which show should I have used?


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    If you would want it to be a L,R system for each band thus making the Right hang “not in use” when left stage was playing, I would just run it as a normal L+R system and change the output path between the bands. This way you could try a LR+Mono and patch the Mono to the hang that is not in use and “fill in” when the area gets packed on that side as well.


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    You could probably use LCR+ mode to do this. For the left stage pan all channels left, then use the L/R center balance control as the pan which will pan between left and center speakers. For the right stage pan all channels right and again use the L/R center as the pan – but it will be backwards: rotated to the left (L/R position) will send that channel to the right speakers, rotating to the right (center) will go to the center speakers. I haven’t tried this but think it should work as I used this mode to do a L/R Rear speaker set up. To then get the opposite speaker hang to provide fill you could have the main L/R outs feed from a matrix and send some of the left master (and or center channel) to the right and vica-versa. This should give you a left/Center/matrix mix or a right/center/matrix mix.
    Anyone care to try this?


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    We had this issue when we first installed our system, and we ended up using a standard LR set up and then did the other speaker outputs on seperate matrix outputs. Doing it this way also has the bonus of not wasting a bus (you use up 4 buses on a LCR set up!). [:D]

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    Why not change the I/O patching with a scene change as one would do with each band change.

    Left stack = socket J1
    Center stack = socket J2
    Right Stack = socket J3

    On stage 1 left main is J1 and Right Main is J2, Stage 2 Left main is J2 and right Main is J3. Does this make sense?

    I think this might be what Tuejo is suggesting.

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