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    I am starting to look at the iLive as a possible replacement for my church’s aging FOH. What I would like to do is create submixes (for drums, keys, etc) that can then be mixed into auxes by a PL controller. While using a group seems like the logical option, it seems it would be unreliable, because the groups are locked into post fade, like a traditional audio board. So any FOH changes to the group items would result in changes in the monitors as well.

    Is there an alternative to what I’m trying to accomplish, or a way to add this feature? Ideally, a variable group send (similar to what is available in the D-Show) that can be selected as pre/post fade.

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    Hey jordan,

    I gave the drummer a PL10 controller last week and this is how i set it up.

    I created 8 mono groups but did NOT send these groups to the MAIN L+R mix.
    I put all group faders to unity.

    Sure its post fade but as the band were pretty controlled i very rarely made changes more than +/-3dB.

    The drummer after the show said it was the best thing he’d ever used!

    This was my setup:

    Rotary1 – Grp1 – Kick Snr Hats
    Rotary2 – Grp2 – Toms
    Rotary3 – Grp3 – OHeads
    Rotary4 – Grp4 – Bass
    Rotary5 – Grp5 – Gtrs
    Rotary6 – Grp6 – Keys
    Rotary7 – Grp7 – Vox
    Rotary8 – Grp8 – Spare for anything else

    I dont think its a necessarily a bad thing for the sends to be post fade as it can mean you provide a balanced mix to that group, However it would be nice to have the option of pre/post.

    I wonder if its possible to send Auxes to a Matrix, then perhaps you could have 8 prefade auxes sent to matrix1 and just have the drummers send as a matrix not an Aux.

    Of course all of these are workarounds and a better method could be a firmware upgrade with a channel option to “Send this input to PL10”

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    Thanks for the reply!

    With a consistent band, I could see how doing it with groups would work just fine, but I’m not sure how our groups would work with that, with the varying talent levels we have. It would just make me feel better knowing that it is completely separated!

    After going back into the software, it seems like it would be possible to do as you described, and use auxes to do the submixes, then use matrices for the outputs. The bus counts work out the same, they are just allocated differently.

    What I love about using PL’s is that each controller can have completely different controls, which I haven’t found anywhere else.

    I am really hoping I can get my church behind this purchase.

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    Hi Graham,
    yes the possibilities of PL controlling sub mixes to monitor mixes are interesting. A&H have been thinking about such things in future software.
    Good to hear someone exploiting all this stuff. Keep posting its great to hear.

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