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    Hi guys
    Is there anybody that know how can I connect my ILIVE by my 500 meters of multimodal ST optical fiber?(I get it already in my store).
    I tried by some media converter, cross cables, but I did’nt get any success.
    Surely fiber works good, because I use that in broadcasting field with different video or audio converters. So I dont know where is the mistake.

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    Leon BigEars A&H

    Hi – I have had reports from a UK iLive user employing optical fiber with no problems;
    the Switcher thy used was a ‘Web Smart Switch’ from a company called Level One [] i believe the units cost about £90 each. then you need an LC interface to get the fiber into the smart switch, they used Fibre Co for the interface: [] they got them to make a panel mount rugged fibre connector to LC for each switch, (mounted this on a panel to go in each rack) then we used one of their standard 150m deployable fibre cables to go between the two boxes. fiber cables can be joined together with no problems for longer lengths.

    please do not adjust your set; normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!

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    Hi Guys
    Just a note to add to this. The reason we used the websmart switch is that it supports a gigabit fibre connection between the two ends and we can send both 100MB pipes down the one link using VLANs. Let me know if you need any more info.

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    We have developped a product called FANMux to link EtherSound products by singlemode fiber. The max distance is about 2 miles.

    It allows to use a single fiber to connect up to 7 independant EtherSound networks, so it’s ok for the 2 EtherSound wires with iLive. This product is available by Audiopole, a french Allen&Heath reseller.

    For information, you can visit this website :

    Best regards

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