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    Mathias Thunbo

    Searched the forum around and i think this might be the best place to post my suggestion..

    It would be great to see an I/O option for dLive, like the DX012, but with inputs.. Basically AR84 for dLive.

    In my case, touring with a production, we have a keyboard-rack-station with 8 inputs. We also have a Backtrack-rack with 8 XLR inputs. Percussion setup with 8 inputs.. Our solution have been really long and heavy 8-pair snake cables, which could be replaced with just a cat cable.
    I already have a DX168, but it takes up 4 rack units, which I find to big when we just need 6-8 inputs.

    So just to recap; Would love to see a small 1u rack-mountable box with 8 inputs.

    Have a great summer everyone.

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    For the cost you can buy al lot analoog multi.


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    I see both sides of this. Like, you’ve got the DX012 for outputs, have a 1U box with 12 inputs with preamps. Heck, even 8 preamps and 4 outputs in 1U would be useful (half of the DX168, much less bulk).

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    I agree. Personally I’d love to see DX versions of both the AR84, and AR2412. This would not only benefit dLive, but Avantis and SQ as well.

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    Mathias Thunbo

    For the cost you can buy al lot analoog multi.

    Hi Richard.
    Thank you for your contribution.

    As I wrote in the original post, we already have long and heavy analog multi cables.
    In this case i’m not too worried about the cost, but about the weight, size and efficiency. There is also something about the ease of simply connecting power and etherCON, rather than a snake.. -Here one could argue for a veam connector, but then again; weight and size.

    ..As I think about it: Our analog multi cables are long, and usually 8-pairs (and one 16x), all with Neutrik. It has certainly not been “cheap” to manufacture.
    My guess is, in the end, in this specific case, that the price difference may not be completely apart.


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    I am surprised that A&H hasn’t released a DX120 (12 inputs and 0 outputs) or a DX84 (8 inputs and 4 outputs) in a 1U rack form. Given the DX012 already exists, it seems it wouldn’t take much R&D to create such a thing(s).

    I would like to see a DX120 myself.

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