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I am not sure what to do now as there is no way to use the Qu-16 for tracking as it is counter productive. I have used Qu-16 for recording live shows that are going to tv and to a radio show. I thought that I could set up the mixer to record the main outs then set up my room eq on mix out 9/10. I thought this would get my tone closer to the desired result. Worked flawlessly except didn’t capture any of the eq and compression 🙁

Then in the studio tracking drums with same result. I do understand the function of having the dry signal for live applications but that is not a studio application. For me a studio application is a controlled environment where you can treat the sound to get close to the desired tone. I think it is a pretty standard STUDIO practice to record live instruments and use eq and light compression to improve the tone and even levels, then set the gain again after.