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Now i think it’s more than just a Qu-16 with more faders!
I like the small LED’s next to the printed Channelnames that indicates the layer you are on, as well as the 10Soft-Keys!
Now you have 4 FX Buttons for Sends on Fader and not only 2! And groups and matrix were requested a few times here in the forum! So I Think A&H have listened exactly to our request and i think they did very well with the Qu-24!
The real X32 Competitor is the GLD-80! And there only the price is better with the X32… nothing else! (in my opinion ;D)

I think a Qu-32 would only be a good reason to pay less for a big board… i don’t like to mix a band with 24Channels on a Qu-24 without small Channel-Screens and if i do monitor as well from the FOH i definitly like to have the great MIX Buttons for monitor-setup like GLD and iLive have!

However, there is still the Windows-Support missing fot he Studio-Guys!

I can’t wait for the V1.4 of GLD Firmware! That’s gonna be great with MuldiBD Compressor and Dyn-EQ! And in the summer i have my musical where i can try the Fades-on-scenes! I’m Happy! ;D