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To me, these are three distinct lines, GLD just happens to have he fewest products.

I would never be able to justify an ilive, let alone a dlive for our church, but the QU is unacceptable for ‘walk up and use it’ install work because it’s not wysiwyg enough… Labeling channels clearly becomes difficult and the board feels very cramped in a large tech booth. The GLD (80 especially) is pretty much the least intimidating digital board out right now and the way it displays processing parameters allow it to actually be used as a great teaching aid. A&H knows this and for my use, that’s a huge selling point.

I got my entire 48 channel setup for less than the price of just an ilive surface! To me, this puts it clearly in a product class that was born out of necessity for A&H to serve the needs of houses of worship, academia, and other permanent installs… The same people who have been buying GL series boards for decades.