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Would this work?
Assign whichever channels to Grp 1&2 creating a mix. Pan Grp 1&2 hard Left and assign to Mix 5&6. This effectively gets sent mono out of the left side of Mix 5&6.

Create another mix using Grp 3&4 and pan hard Right. Assign to Mix 5&6 and this will be sent out of Mix 6 (the right side of Mix 5&6)

Grp 1&2>Mix 5
Grp 3&4>Mix 6
Grp 5&6>Mix 7
Grp 7&8>Mix 8
Matrix 1&2>Mix 9
Matrix 3&4>Mix 10

I’m going to try this later today unless someone first explains why this wouldn’t work…cheers!