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I think the fact that the fader becomes the send level for the current aux mix is confusing you.

Try this: Press select on the channel you want to send to your aux mix. Press the processing button to the right of the touchscreen. Now tap on the routing tab, then select the tab containing your aux mixes. You should now see an LCD screen full of virtual knobs.

These knobs represent the send levels to each aux send. This should be somewhat familiar to you if you have used an analog desk. Remember that, whether pre or post fader, you still have a send level for each aux on each channel.

When you press the mix button on an aux send, the fader represents the send level FOR THAT AUX SEND, not the ‘fader’ that a post fader send respects.

I really think the aux routing tab on the LCD screen will help you because you can pull up that screen for any channel, then press the mix button on an aux and visualize the relationship between the virtual knob on the touchscreen that controls your aux send level, and the fader that becomes representative of that virtual knob when pressing the mix button on an aux strip.

Hopefully this helps!