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Hi John,

When you are mixing to Aux 1, the channel fader is the aux send knob you may be used to on an analogue console. In the analogue world you also had to turn the Aux knob independent of pre/post if you wanted to send signal to the aux bus.

Try the following: Set the send to Aux1 mix as pre, now press mix button on master LR mix. Channel faders show now the main mix levels. Lower fader for IP1 to -infinite. No signal is sent to main mix. Now press mix button for Aux1. Channel faders now show the levels sent to the Aux1 bus. If you now raise fader for IP1 it is if you turn the analogue Aux knob. You send the pre fader signal (because the fader for the main mix is still completely lowered!) to the aux bus.

In a aux post fader configuration you would not send any signal to the aux bus, as long as the channel does not send signal to the main LR mix.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,