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Thanks for the reply Bob…
This is what I have come up with. The Pre-Fade: All Pre and All Post should be set to ALL POST Fader – if I want the effects to track correctly.

I confirm that it is working by pulling down the fader that the dry signal is on and sure enough – the effect goes away. In the Pre mode – the direct signal goes away but the effect “wet” signal is still coming through….

This is the way that effects should be used (Post Fader) but like I said earlier – this board has so many menus and options that it isn’t as easy as just pushing the POST button on the Aux like my last board.

Now – there is the “Channel Source” option on the screen as well. If I set it to ALL POST” but the All-Pre mode is set to “Pre” – it doesn’t take the wet signal away when the dry signal is pulled down…. So it is leading me to think that maybe the Channel Source Option could be for effects you insert directly onto a channel….. Idk….

I have read the manual but like most manuals – they make a lot of sense when you have already mastered the equipment.

I use 31-32 just because I have plenty of channels and it is on my main working surface… Easy to mute or pull down…. Easy to increase wet signal for longer throws….etc…. But like you say – I could move it over to one of the “St” options.